Production monitoring and inspection service

Provides ongoing tracking and reporting of production progress.
Our team visit the manufacturing facilities and randomly check products against order specifications

· Keep up-to-date on production
· Reduce risk of order delays
· View product details before shipment
· Low-cost pricing Check for product conformity
· Reduce risk of quality issues
· Enjoy lower price in China
· High-efficiency

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I obtain more information on Production Monitoring and Inspection Services?
For more information on Production Monitoring and inspection Services, email

With the Inspection Service what aspects of the product(s) are checked?
-Product quantity
-Conformity (style, color, label, packing, and shipping mark)
-Workmanship (appearance and basic functions)
-Functionality (on-site check testing general functions and applications based on your product category)
-Contract product quality (on-site check/testing according to Trade Assurance contract quality requirements)

Can all buyers use the Inspection Service?
All the productions include inspection service,
and All our buyers outside of mainland China can place an order for the Inspection Service for other productions.

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